The Georgian Military Road

If you like to rent a car and drive along beautiful roads, then a wonderful trip awaits you in Georgia.

The Georgian Military Road is a 208 km long road through mountains and valleys. It was built for military purposes, so it has this name. On this road there is an opportunity to get from Vladikavkaz (RF) to Tbilisi.

Along the road there are observation platforms for tourists, beautiful monasteries and waterfalls.

It is important to rent such a car in Tbilisi, so that you can safely and confidently move out of the asphalt pavement, and drive along a dirt road to beautiful places.

Driving along this road in summer you will see green mountains and valleys. In winter, the landscape completely changes its colors. In winter, avalanches often descend on the highway in the mountains, but be sure that the section from Tbilisi to Guduari is quickly and efficiently cleaned.

In any case, if you want to drive confidently in Georgia in any weather – take strong and high cars for rent.
Have a nice trip!