Sulfur baths in Tbilisi

If you are planning a trip to Georgia – you will be interested to learn that rest in Tbilisi can be combined with recreational procedures.

In the old center of Tbilisi, in the district of Abanotubani city there are baths. They are absolutely no different from the rest of the baths in the world, except for the supply of water from under the ground from natural sulfur sources.

Such water is already warm and with a slight odor of hydrogen sulfide. Water from such sources has a good effect on all systems of the human body. Blood pressure returns to normal, blood supply to all organs and tissues improves, pulmonary ventilation increases and much more.

In the baths there are shared baths and separate “rooms”. You can swim in the sulfur pools, take a shower, have a sauna and massage service, drink tea with honey or beer.

At the entrance to the bath sell disposable shampoo – 0.5 lari, slippers – 3.5 lari, soap, washcloths.