With our cars you can travel to all regions of Georgia without daily mileage limits. But in Georgia there are not roads everywhere, and some sections of roads are considered impassable even for 4×4 off-road vehicles and deadly for experienced drivers (narrow roads, cliffs and rockfalls). There is also a bad roads, where the police, ambulances and tow trucks do not come.

For your peace and safety, we have imposed restrictions on the following sections of roads:

  1. occupied territories: Abkhazia and South Ossetia – are not controlled by the Georgian authorities. Driving our cars to these territories is strictly prohibited;
  2. the road to Ushguli after the cableway is a road in very poor condition, even a car with high ground clearance cannot handle it. On this road, more than one running gear was destroyed, often until the car stopped completely. If you went by our car on this road, we will see it when handing over the car, if you climbed along this section, we will not accept any obligation to help you with the car. You pay for the search for the master, tow truck and chassis repair. If you really want to get to this site, leave your car in Mestia and ride a day there at the local transfer with a local driver (for 50-100 GEL). Need local driver contacts? Contact us, we will find for you.
  3. Upper Omalo in Tusheti – daily problems with cars and fatal accidents on this road. Very narrow road, steep cliffs and rockfalls. Only 2 months (in summer) in the year there is the possibility of travel. Ambulance, police and insurance do not go on this road. If you get stuck in our car there, you will need to get out yourself, without our help. Georgia has very beautiful mountain landscapes everywhere, you should not risk your life and go to problem areas.
  4. The road to Ushguli through Kutaisi – there is no road there. Better change your route through Zugdidi. Otherwise, we will not help you there.
  5. The Transajar highway, namely, the section of the Batumi-Akhaltsikhe road – part of the road after Keda-Keda-Adygeni – the road is bad, the result for the car after this section is the killed chassis of our car and repair at your expense. We and the insurance disclaim liability for such impassability. Plan to see Georgia on roads where there will be no problems for you and cars.

All of these road sections should be avoided. Even if you accidentally fall for them in the era of the Internet and GPS – you will rely only on yourself and pay for repairs too.