Pillar Katskhi

Pillar Katzha is located in the western part of Georgia, in the Imereti region. This pillar is a huge block of limestone, 40 meters high. At the top of the boulder is a small, functioning church!

Interestingly, in ancient times, long before the appearance of Christianity in Georgia, this place was considered holy, and people came to pray here to the god of fertility.

This place was considered the meeting point of heaven and earth. With the advent of Christianity, the belief in the sanctity of this pillar did not disappear, and in the 6th century, thanks to the priest Simeon Stylites, a church was built on the top. People came to the stone pillar to pray and believed that this place is closest to God.

During the reign of the Ottoman Empire, the church was completely destroyed. In the 18-19 centuries, people wanted to restore the temple at the top of the pillar, but they simply could not get there.

And only climbers headed by A. Dzhaparidze safely climbed to the top and lowered the overhead ladder. Thanks to this, the pilgrims were able to rise and restore the church.

Tourists can go up to church only with the permission of the abbot, and only for men. Women in the “fortress of solitude”, as it is called in those parts of the entrance is prohibited.

The church on the top is built entirely of stone, the interior is very modest. At the top there is also a wine cellar and a crypt.

How to get there 
The most convenient way is to travel by car from Tbilisi to Kutaisi, and on the way to drive to Pillar Katzha (there will be a good asphalt road and a primer closer to the pillar) 200 km from Tbilisi to the Pillar (2.5 hours)

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