If you are gathered by a company of friends or relatives to relax in Georgia, but do not want to rent a few cars – we have a great offer for you!

The advantages of renting a minivan with a driver in Tbilisi:

  • you do not need to organize, wait and collect everyone – you will all be in the same car
  • absolutely everyone can relax, drink delicious Georgian wine, and even chacha – after all, you don’t need to drive, there is a driver for that.
  • you do not need to plan a route, look for information on the Internet. Believe us, Georgians know their country much better 🙂 Our georgian driver will listen to your wishes and arrange a trip much better then travel agencies 🙂

A car:

  • New, clean, modern Nissan Rider S
  • Comfortable, wide seats
  • Air conditioning, heating, sound system
  • Large roof rack
  • No smell of cigarettes in the car, as it is forbidden to smoke in the cabin


  • Russian-English speaking  young driver
  • Driving experience 10 years
  • He perfectly knows the whole of Georgia, the history, the traditions of the country.
  • If you have a route – fine. Be sure to tell him where you want to go – and our driver will help to organize and show beautiful corners of the country along the way.

Well, the bonus – forget about catering and restaurants! You will visit the Georgian courtyards with national homemade dishes and wines, toasts and songs 🙂

The cost of renting a minivan in Tbilisi with the services of a driver is $ 100 per day.

If you are interested only in short trips from Tbilisi – the cost of services is of course discussed.