Lake Paravani and Foka Monastery

To the lake and the monastery 2.30 hours from Tbilisi by car. On the way, you can drive into the Dashbash canyon and enjoy the fabulous nature and waterfalls. The most convenient way to get from the center of the country is by car – that is why we advise you to rent a car in Tbilisi and go traveling around Georgia!

Lake Paravani is the largest lake in Georgia. The height above sea level reaches 2 thousand meters, the total area is 38 km2, but the depth of the lake is small – on average 3.3 m.

The lake turned out to be a mysterious place – archeologists found a building at the bottom that turned out to be a burial mound of the Bronze Age. Divers were raised kitchen appliances and things of life of the IV century BC!

Green meadows stretch around the lake, the air here is clean and fresh – the time spent on the lake will allow you to fully relax and enjoy nature.

Foka Monastery

In the village there are monastery and nunnery. But tourists most often visit the convent of St. Nina.

What is he famous for? Firstly, it was here that the nuns revived the ancient art of painting cloisonne enamel. It has long been in Georgia, this unique technique was lost, and no one used it.

Secondly, it is in the monastery that all the icons are decorated with gilded mosaics brought from Venice.

And, thirdly, the nuns go to Europe to learn cheese making and bring the necessary knowledge and technology to Georgia! It is at the monastery that natural cheese is produced. Also chocolate (made from cocoa beans from Africa), natural tea to which are added berries and herbs collected by nuns in the meadows, vinegar and liquor. All products can be bought in a shop in the monastery.

The abbess of the monastery, Mother Rachel, speaks Russian, a very sociable and kind woman is always ready to tell tourists about this place.
Come to rest in these places from the noisy cities, enjoy the peace and tranquility, as well as purchase such tasty and healthy souvenirs 🙂