Its easy to rent a car in Tbilisi and travel

Georgia is just a wonderful country and its better to rent a car in Tbilisi and travel. On a small area there was a place for the warm sea, majestic mountains, ancient churches and temples, ancient cities, caves, waterfalls, rivers and lakes.

But the main thing in Georgia is not even its sights, of which there are quite a few. Most tourists sincerely love this country for real Georgian hospitality and delicious cuisine. Unlike many other seaside resorts, the impressions about the rest in Georgia turned out much brighter than one would expect. That is why we so want to tell you about this amazing country and advise you to visit it more than once.

Georgia is an inexpensive and very democratic country. It is suitable both for an extra budget stay with little or no money, or for an extremely comfortable pastime. Here you can live in a guesthouse or a five-star hotel, hitchhike or hire a guide on your personal car, eat in restaurants or buy khachapuri.

At the same time, it is most profitable to come to Georgia for the long term. Prices in the country are very low, and therefore the bulk of the cost of the vacation is airfare. The longer you rest, the cheaper it will cost one holiday day.

Buying tours to Georgia, we do not really recommend. Self-planned vacation will turn out not only much cheaper, but also at times more interesting you can live in different cities: from old Tbilisi to resort Batumi.

It is important to note that it is very convenient to travel around Georgia by car. There are many beautiful places in the country that are located at short distances, but without a car it will be difficult to reach them. That is why we recommend to rent a car in Tbilisi!