Driving in the capital of Georgia. Tbilisi autorent benefits.

Tbilisi is a big city, but the tourist part of the city is not very big. If you want to see only the old city, then you do not need a car. And if you want to see the whole city, as well as go to the neighboring cities – then use Tbilisi autorent. You will not need to look for a stop of public transport and spend time waiting for it.

Tbilisi is not just the capital of Georgia, but also a typical city of contrasts. Here the diversity of buildings, local color and soulfulness of people is especially felt. In Tbilisi, there are many interesting sights in walking distance, beautiful surroundings, good places with delicious dishes and very affordable prices. There are excellent public transport inside the city: metro, buses, taxis. Thanks to this, you can easily get to almost any part of the capital.

Despite the many positive moments, in Tbilisi, as in any other tourist place, there are some drawbacks. For example, bad sidewalks in some parts of the city, exchangers with a veiled commission and stifling heat at the height of the summer season. But these little things do not interfere with every year to come and relax in it a huge number of travelers from around the world.

In the city, authorities constantly carry out various road improvements for drivers. Even if you first seem that drivers drive without rules – this is not so. First of all, drivers respect each other in Georgia and there is a very small percentage of accidents in the city. You can safely rent a car and travel!