Dashbash Canyon

Dashbash Canyon is located not far from Tbilisi – 92 km. The most convenient way is to rent a car in Tbilisi and go to look at the beauty of Georgia in the direction of Vardzia.

Important is to know that the car will have to be left in the village of Dashbash and walk 1 km down to the canyon. It is relatively easy to go down the serpentine, it will be more difficult to climb. The road to the waterfalls along the canyon will be rocky and you need to go carefully.

But after all the traversed path you will discover the incredible beauty of waterfalls, sheer cliffs and hidden in the mountain caves – the fabulous world of the canyon!

The canyon Dashbash in 2016 was recognized as a natural monument of Georgia and it appeared on tourist routes. But still it remains a quiet and peaceful place, without crowds of tourists.

The length of the canyon is 8 km, altitude about 1200 meters. The area of ​​the canyon is huge – 660 hectares.

You can take groceries with you on a trip and there are special places for barbecues and picnics at the top of the canyon.

Nearby there are two very beautiful places that you should see. We will write about them in the next posts.

As you can see, without a car in Georgia you will be limited in time and in the possibilities to see such beautiful natural monuments!

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