Cave city Vardzia

In the south of Georgia is one of the ancient cave cities – Vardzia. The most convenient way to get from the center of the country is by car – the road from Tbilisi passes through various cities (including the Borjomi resort).

The cave city it’s 600 rooms, carved out of people in a huge rock. There are churches, living rooms, warehouses and even baths. The most interesting in this city is a church with frescoes of the 12th century.

This temple was built first, and then around began to build rooms for the life of monks, rooms for storage of provisions, and so the whole city grew in the rock.

Tsar George III began to do this at the end of the 11th century, and his daughter, Queen Tamara, completed the structure of the city.

Entry cost to the city – 3 GEL
Work schedule – 9.00 – 18.00

Near the town there are several other ancient fortresses. You can also find a place to spend the night in guesthouses in the neighboring cities.

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