To rent a car in Tbilisi is just half of the travel arrangements. Georgia is not a big country, but nature reserves, beautiful valleys and mountain ranges are at a distance from each other.

If you are planning to rest only in Tbilisi and drive near the city, you feel like a confident driver and have already had driving experience in Georgia, then we are sure that you will manage again.

We were often approached by clients with similar questions –

  • Is it safe to drive and drive in Georgia?
  • What is the quality of roads in the country?
  • We really want to see Georgia, but there is a fear of unfamiliar roads, especially since we are going with children and do not want to spend a vacation in nerves behind the wheel ..

If before your rent a car in Georgia, you also have such questions – we want to help you relax quietly and interestingly 🙂
That’s why we provide a service – a driver in Georgia.


  • Price for the whole car. No matter, one passenger or three.
  • The car will arrive at the hotel (house) at the specified time.
  • He will stop the car for a photo where you ask, the driver waits and taking pictures, if necessary.
  • The driver is a Georgian speaking English.
  • Price does not change on the way to the destination.

BUT! The driver is not a guide. His task is to take you to your destination. You can talk with him about the current situation in the country, about real life. If you are interested in the details of history, culture, interesting facts about the country, the kitchen – then we have a new service for you – ordering a guide.

Specify the cost of the driver in the manager in the online chat on the site.