Car rental in Georgia with Russian driver’s license

When our customers rent a car in Georgia, they often ask the same question: “Renting a car in Georgia with Russian driver’s license – is it possible?”

The answer is yes you can. Since there are a lot of Russian-speaking people in Georgia, every year, tourists mostly travel from CIS countries. The police in Georgia are sympathetic to driver’s license where there is no transliteration.

In any case, if you have Russian driver’s license and rent a car in Tbilisi, be sure to keep both your right and your passport. If necessary, you will be able to show these two documents and you will be calm that even a person who does not know Russian will be convinced of your driving rights.

More detailed about Useful information about driving in Georgia will help you to avoid problems on the roads of Georgia.

So calmly rent a car in Tbilisi and enjoy Georgia!