Canyon Martvili

Friends, we continue to acquaint you with the sights of Georgia, to which it is very convenient to get on a rented car from Tbilisi.

One of the most popular canyons of Georgia, located near the town of Martvili.

Such a fabulous place was created by the river Abashi, flowing for millions of years in the mountains with its fast waters formed a considerable gorge whose depth is 40 meters, length 2400 meters!

The canyon is divided into two parts – Upper and Lower.

Fans of extreme entertainment can ride a boat from the top of the canyon and get to the waterfall. The height of the waterfall is 12 meters, but in the spring, quiet and small streams turn into a huge stream of water and the height of the river in the gorge rises by 6 meters!

In the lower part of the canyon is located so-called “pool” where you can swim in the calm waters and enjoy the nature around. By the way, there is always cool air and water in the gorge. Even in the hottest summer months, you can go to the canyon and cool among the beautiful nature.

Near the canyon is the ancient Martvili monastery (Chkondidi) of the 6th century. He survived the complete burning and was rebuilt several centuries later. Also on the territory of the monastery is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin of the X century.

The most convenient way to get to Martvili canyon is by car from Tbilisi. On the way you will pass through such cities as Gori, Kutaisi and many different sights.

Drive about 4 hours (290km) from the center of the country.
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