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sperm whale tooth value

Now, sperm whales are protected under the … Whale's Tooth Faux Replicas Scrimshaw Resin Composite Lot of Three (3) Nice! Scrimshaw, Whale Teeth, Sale Items, Scrimshaw $ 2,000.00 Add to cart. Sperm Whale and Ship. Make Offer - VTG Artek Faux Scrimshaw Maritime Sperm Whale Tooth Sculpture Trinket Box. Scrimshaw, Whale Teeth WASHINGTON STATE SALES ONLY! Purchasers will get an invoice and a certificate that state these are Washington legal (to buy, sell or own) pre 1972 sperm whale teeth. $29.95. Sperm Whale Teeth. VTG Artek Faux Scrimshaw Maritime Sperm Whale Tooth Sculpture Trinket Box. Whales! Free shipping. Engraved on the tooth is a picture of the ship Francis, which artist Fred Myrick served on during the early 1800s. Whale Teeth Scrimshaw. Scrimshaw, Whale Teeth, Sale Items, Scrimshaw $ 1,950.00 Add to cart.

There is an $8.50 shipping/handling charge on whale teeth orders that are mailed and your county sales tax on top of that total.. Featured Quickview. $149.95. $45.00 +$13.00 shipping. Click on the photo to read the price and order details. New. Close Quarters Mishap. Featured Quickview. Showing 1–18 of 82 results. Whales! SCRIMSHAW REPRODUCTION SPERM WHALE TOOTH " OLD IRONSIDES" 7 " USS CONSTITUTION.

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