Bakuriani – a ski resort in Georgia.

2.5 hours by car from Tbilisi is a small Georgian town Bakuriani.
It is located in the high mountains of the Caucasus and attracting lovers of active winter holidays. There is a mild climate, there are no extremely low temperatures (minus 6 – 8 Celsius) and strong winds.

But there is a lot of snow here, most often the cover height is more than 60 cm. The skiing season in Bakuriani is from November to March.

There is all the necessary infrastructure (hotels, shops, cafes and restaurants) and trails of varying degrees of complexity. There are trails for luge with special jumps, for lovers of cross-country skiing.

If you prefer hiking, Bakuriani has a lot to do and see. There are mountains, ancient monasteries, mountain lakes and ravines.

One conclusion can be made: if you love mountains, nature, active winter activities or just have a leisurely walk among natural beauties, be sure to visit Bakuriani in Georgia!
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