Ananuri fortress

Ananuri fortress is located near Tbilisi (70 km). If you live in Tbilisi, rented a car and look for where you can go close – we want to advise you to Ananuri fortress.

It is almost impossible to drive past the fortress by car – it is clearly visible from the road and this is the first attraction that all tourists meet on the way to the mountains.

The first memories of this place appeared in the XVI century and the next 2 centuries it served as the northern outpost for the Aragvi Eristavs, the rulers of this region.

On the territory of the fortress there is a tower, a temple-tomb of the rulers of the Eristaves, traces of a pool and baths were found. The fortress is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The entrance is free, next to the fortress there is a small tourist market where you can buy souvenirs, honey and a snack.

The fortress offers a beautiful view of the Zhinvali reservoir.

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