• We offer cars only with automatic transmission
  • All vehicles are in excellent condition
  • Unlimited milage
  • Full car insurance
  • No deposit fee
  • Free parking in Tbilisi
  • The minimum rental period is 24 hours
  • Discounts for regular costumers

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What is the advantage of renting a car in Tbilisi?

And there are many advantages:

  1. Full mobility. As you know, there is public transport in Georgia, but it works mainly in big cities. There are also taxi drivers who need to wait and tune your route for their trips. After all, off-road, not all cars can drive. That is why renting an SUV in Tbilisi is an excellent opportunity to get to the places you need on the map.
  2. Quality
    The convenience of driving in a car rented better than each time on other cars, taxis or trains. In this case, you will definitely not worry that you have forgotten things in the transport or lost documents.
  3. Save time
    Renting a car in Tbilisi during a trip to Georgia will save you not only nerves but time. After all, you do not need to call anyone, look for taxis on the roads of cities and small mountain villages and negotiate for the fare.
  4. Saving money and renting a car in Tbilisi
    Paying at once for renting a car you can be calm for your trip around Georgia. Most of the parking lots are free, there is an option to rent a car for gas (it will be cheaper to fill it up), there are no counters for payment and trades with taxi drivers. You decide when and where to go.
  5. Comfort in jeeps for rent
    We always check the cleanliness and good condition of our machines before serving them to customers. In our cars it is forbidden to smoke since many tourists travel with children. The cars are wide, roomy and the pleasure to ride them is even off-road.

There is only one conclusion – if you want wonderful impressions from a trip around Georgia, book an SUV from us in Tbilisi and enjoy your vacation!


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  • available by cash
  • credit cards

The cost of petrol, fines and washing of car are not included in the cost of services.

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See What People Ask to Us FAQS

You must be at least 21 years old and have at least 2 years of driving experience. You need to have a passport and a valid driving license of an international standard. However, if you have your information written in English on your driving license, it can work as well.
You can order a car using website or if you need any help with booking a car just write in the chat or Facebook page
Immediately contact the insurance company 24/7 and us. The phone number can be found on the voucher or the rental agreement. Of course you can always contact us in any case you need.
No. Crossing border to Armenia, Russian Federation, Turkey, Azerbaijan and as well as to occipied territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is strictly prohibited.
No limits. Just minimum rental period 24 hours.
Yes, it will be $5 per day.